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Clevo NH70 Laptop Review – Full Guide

Clevo NH70

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In a world dominated by tasks-intensive work and graphics-demanding software, gaming laptops have taken center stage. Among the multitude of options, Clevo NH70 emerges as a gem. This article delves into the intricacies of the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop, exploring its design, display, storage, performance, and more.


Crafted by Clevo, the NH70 boasts an ergonomic design made of durable plastic. The game-centric build ensures it can handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly. The ventilated design prevents overheating during intense tasks. While the keyboard provides an above-average typing experience, its RGB backlit design underlines its gaming prowess. The chassis material keeps the weight lower than competitors, enhancing portability.


The Clevo NH70 features a 17.3-inch Full HD LCD display with a 90Hz refresh rate. While not excelling in color accuracy, the display performs well in gaming and non-color-critical tasks. The higher refresh rate proves beneficial in gaming scenarios, although the screen’s response timing falls short. The brightness, though unconfirmed officially, is sufficient for gaming and editing indoors.

Storage and RAM

The base NH70 model offers 256GB SSD storage, upgradable for users seeking more capacity. While lacking the latest NVME.2b storage, the laptop exhibits smooth performance in basic usage. Upgrading to at least 1TB is recommended for playing larger titles.


Powered by the Intel i7 9750H processor, the NH70 delivers beastly performance. The processor efficiently handles gaming and CPU-intensive tasks without overheating. The combination of efficient cooling and ventilation ensures smooth performance even during heavy gaming sessions.


The NH70’s speaker placement provides a satisfying audio experience for gaming and web series. While lacking high-resolution audio support, it caters well to users not deeply entrenched in professional music production.


With its Intel Core i7-9750H processor and Nvidia RTX GTX 1060 graphics card, the NH70 sails through daily tasks. The 6-core, 12-thread processor with a boosted frequency of 4.5GHz excels in medium settings for graphics-intensive games. Upgrading the 8GB DDR4 RAM is advisable for optimal performance.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The full-size keyboard, adorned with vibrant RGB backlighting, enhances the gaming experience. However, the typing feedback falls short compared to competitors, with limited key travel hindering fast typing. The NH70 boasts one of the largest touchpads, offering precision and supporting the latest Windows gestures.

Battery Life

In daily medium to heavy usage, the NH70 provides 3.5 hours of battery life, with fast charging replenishing the 3275mAh battery in 90 minutes. Productivity tasks are best done with the charger plugged in due to the CPU’s power draw during graphics-intensive operations.


The Clevo NH70 impresses with its Full HD display, robust build, and manageable weight. However, drawbacks include frame drops in higher graphics settings, limited base RAM, and the absence of thunderbolt ports. The laptop’s service center network in major cities is also a concern for long-term users.


  • Full HD high-quality LCD display
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio with the charger plugged in
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Manageable weight for portability


  • Frame drops in higher graphics settings
  • Base variant has only 8GB RAM
  • Lack of thunderbolt ports and Type C PD charging port
  • Limited service center network in major cities


Q. In which country are Clevo laptops manufactured? A. Clevo is a Taiwan-based electronics company that manufactures laptops in-house in Taiwan.

Q. What is Clevo’s other business? A. Clevo is known for producing sturdy laptop chassis for multiple vendors globally.

Q. When was Clevo electronics started? A. The company started in 1973 under the name of Nan Tan Computers.

Q. What services are offered at Clevo service centers? A. Clevo service centers are available in countries such as China, Taiwan, North Korea, USA, Canada, and Germany, offering comprehensive support.


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