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Cracking the Code: Forbidden Sands Nornir Chest Guide

Forbidden sands nornir chest

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In the expansive Norse realms of God of War Ragnarok, the Forbidden Sands of Alfheim unfold as a mysterious landscape, holding within its shifting dunes the secrets of two elusive Nornir Chests. This guide serves as a comprehensive journey through the Forbidden Sands Nornir Chests, offering detailed insights and strategies to empower players on their quest to conquer these enigmatic puzzles.

The Forbidden Sands: A Realm of Challenges

As players traverse the captivating landscapes of Alfheim, the Forbidden Sands emerges as a pivotal location, where the complexities of the environment mirror the intricate challenges that await. Concealed within this treacherous terrain are two Nornir Chests, each demanding a unique set of skills and strategies for successful unlocking.

Forbidden Sands Nornir Chest #1

1. Location and Context

Our journey commences with the discovery of the first Nornir Chest, cunningly hidden behind a moveable pillar in a secluded alcove to the southwest of the Forbidden Sands. To enhance the exploration experience, players should undertake the “Song of the Sands” favor before attempting to unlock this chest, mitigating the challenges posed by the prevalent sandstorm.

2. Torch Ignition Puzzle

Unlocking the first Nornir Chest introduces players to a recurring puzzle involving torch ignition. The initial torch conveniently resides near the chest. However, the second torch demands a combination of precise Sigil Arrows and the formidable Blades of Chaos to set it ablaze. The third torch, perched on a high rock shelf, challenges players to employ strategic Sigil Arrows for ignition.

3. Rewards and Opportunities

Successfully lighting all three torches grants access to the Nornir Chest’s contents, a rewarding experience that may yield coveted Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead, or more commonplace items like Hacksilver or Shattered Runes. Additionally, players should seize the chance to collect the ingredient for the “Across the Realms” favor, strategically hidden near the first torch.

Forbidden Sands Nornir Chest #2

1. Location and Initial Challenge

The second Nornir Chest in the Forbidden Sands presents a greater challenge in terms of discovery. Players must break through debris in the lower wall of the library situated in the northeastern part of the area, cunningly hidden beneath a grapple point.

2. Illuminating the Path

Navigating the path to the second chest, players encounter Hive Matter that must be eradicated. Aiming Kratos’ Leviathan Axe at the pink Twilight Stone above and to the left of the chest accomplishes this crucial task. Following the destruction of the Hive Matter, players must then locate and ignite three strategically placed torches within the room.

3. Torch Lighting Challenges

The initial torch introduces a unique challenge, requiring players to use Sigil Arrows to create a trail towards a campfire. A well-placed Sigil Arrow ignites the torch, setting the stage for subsequent challenges. Another torch, situated to the right of the chamber, demands a similar approach. The third torch hides behind Hive Matter, responsive to Sonic Arrows. Players must swiftly switch to Sigil Arrows after revealing the third torch, ensuring a sequence of arrows ignites it before the Hive Matter closes in.

4. Unlocking the Chest’s Secrets

Successful illumination of all three torches breaks the seal on the Nornir Chest. Players can then open it to claim their rewards, which may include the coveted Idunn Apple or Horn of Blood Mead. The former enhances Kratos’ maximum health, while the latter augments the size of his Spartan Rage meter, providing invaluable advantages in the ongoing quest.


Traversing the Forbidden Sands and conquering the challenges presented by its Nornir Chests is a testament to the strategic prowess of players in God of War Ragnarok. Armed with the insights provided in this guide, adventurers can confidently navigate the puzzles, unlock the chests, and unearth the hidden treasures that await within the shifting sands of Alfheim. The Forbidden Sands Nornir Chests stand as both a testament to the game’s complexity and an opportunity for players to showcase their skills in the mythical world of God of War Ragnarok.


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