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George Krissa – A Canadian Heartthrob Takes on New York City

George Krissa

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The Holiday Sitter’s Historic Impact

In the world of heartthrobs, George Krissa has emerged as a Canadian sensation, capturing hearts and making history in the process. Last season, he starred in the Hallmark Channel’s The Holiday Sitter, alongside Jonathan Bennett, marking a significant moment as the first LGBTQ+ couple featured in the channel’s movies. The film’s unique charm lies in its simplicity, portraying a beautiful love story without the typical conflicts, setting a precedent in the Hallmark universe.

Love Notes: An Hour of Musical Delights

Now, George Krissa is venturing into the heart of New York City for his American cabaret debut at Chelsea Table + Stage on September 23rd at 7 pm. I had the pleasure of discussing his upcoming show, Love Notes, in a delightful phone interview where he shared insights into the thematic essence of the performance.

Krissa describes Love Notes as an eclectic mix of musical genres, spanning classical, musical theater, contemporary, pop, country, and rock. However, he emphasizes that it’s not a conventional one-man show with a life story narrative. Instead, the focus is on sharing beautiful music that resonates with the theme of love.

The Journey to New York City

The decision to debut the cabaret in New York may seem unconventional, considering Krissa’s Canadian roots. However, his recent Hallmark movie success opened up new opportunities and audiences. After receiving positive responses from New York-based fans on Instagram, Krissa decided to bring his musical talents to the city. His familiarity with Chelsea Table + Stage, discovered during the GLAAD Awards, further fueled his decision to make his debut there.

Breaking Ground in Theater

George Krissa’s theater career is not only diverse but also groundbreaking. Having worked at prestigious festivals like the Stratford Festival and The Shaw Festival, he has a proven track record. Notably, his portrayal of Rocky in Rocky Horror at the Stratford Festival became the most successful and longest-running show in its history, breaking barriers and extending its run multiple times.

A Trailblazer and Ambassador

Beyond his theatrical achievements, Krissa finds himself unexpectedly representing the LGBTQ+ community. The Hallmark movie thrust him into the role of an ambassador, making history and garnering overwhelmingly positive responses. Reflecting on this unexpected responsibility, he expresses gratitude for being part of a moment that resonated with so many people.

Love, Versatility, and Family

Love Notes won’t just be a solo act; Krissa will be joined by special guests Danielle Wade and his cousin Tyley Ross. These collaborations add a personal touch to the performance, especially considering Ross’s significant influence in Krissa’s career path.

The Man Behind the Voice

In a candid moment, Krissa shares his journey, starting from a small Canadian town with limited opportunities to venturing into the bustling theater scene in Toronto. Despite his success, he remains grounded, highlighting the importance of versatility in the entertainment industry.

An Evening of Fun, Humor, and Heart

As Krissa prepares for his one-night-only performance, he wants the audience to know that Love Notes promises an evening of fun, humor, and heart. The show aims to make people feel good, delivering beautiful music and entertaining anecdotes. For those eager to catch a glimpse before the performance, Krissa will be sharing sneak peeks on his Instagram, @GeorgeKrissa.


In the realm of heartthrobs and talented performers, George Krissa stands out not only for his looks but for his versatility and groundbreaking contributions. As he takes the stage in New York City for Love Notes, the audience can expect an unforgettable night filled with love, laughter, and the enchanting melodies that have become synonymous with George Krissa’s name. Don’t miss this one-night-only opportunity to witness a Canadian heartthrob conquering the stages of the Big Apple.


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