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Kaynette Williams: The Untold Story of Blake Shelton’s Ex-Wife

Kaynette Williams

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Kaynette Williams, widely recognized as Blake Shelton’s first wife and high school sweetheart, has led a life veiled in mystery since her divorce from the country music sensation. Now residing in Kansas with her husband, Cody Joe Scheck, Kaynette has carved her own path away from the limelight. Let’s delve into 10 intriguing facts about this enigmatic personality “Kaynette Williams”.

1. Early Years and Family Background

Kaynette Francis Gern, born on February 20, 1973, in Ada, Oklahoma, remains a private individual despite her connection to fame. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, Kaynette hails from a relatively wealthy family, with her father working as a news presenter and her mother as a private school teacher. As of 2019, her estimated net worth exceeds $600,000, primarily sourced from her divorce settlement with Blake Shelton.

2. Academic Achievements

Despite the limited information about her early life, Kaynette’s academic accomplishments are noteworthy. Graduating with degrees in Finance and Human Science, she initially harbored aspirations in television. However, her journey led her to the entertainment industry, where she became involved in hosting activities during Blake Shelton’s rise as a country music artist.

3. High School Sweethearts

The connection between Kaynette and Blake Shelton traces back to their high school days. United by a shared passion for music, their love story flourished over the years. Kaynette played a significant role as Shelton’s road manager during the early stages of his career, witnessing his ascent in the country music scene.

4. Country-Style Proposal

Blake Shelton’s proposal to Kaynette was a true reflection of their country roots. During a hunting day in December, he popped the question after a morning of hunting, seamlessly blending their love for the outdoors with the beginning of a lifelong commitment.

5. Private Wedding Ceremony

The couple exchanged vows on November 17, 2003, in a private ceremony held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Shelton serenaded Kaynette with Conway Twitty’s “Julia,” expressing his deep emotions for his newlywed wife in a subsequent interview with Country Weekly.

6. Short-Lived Marriage

Despite the promising start, Kaynette and Blake’s marriage concluded in 2006. Following their divorce, Kaynette returned to her hometown in Oklahoma, but in 2011, Blake Shelton married Miranda Lambert, prompting Kaynette to relocate to Kansas.

7. Allegations of Inappropriate Marital Conduct

While details of the divorce remained undisclosed, Kaynette publicly accused Blake Shelton of “inappropriate marital conduct.” She attempted to sell her wedding gown through a friend’s eBay account, shedding light on the emotional aftermath of their separation.

8. Emotional Impact on Blake Shelton

In interviews, Blake Shelton admitted that the divorce was as emotionally challenging as the death of his brother in 1990. Reflecting on the past, he acknowledged the mistake of marrying his friend, emphasizing the difficulties he faced during the divorce proceedings.

9. Transformation into an Educator and Activist

Kaynette transitioned into a new chapter of her life, emerging as an award-winning elementary school teacher in Kansas. Engaging in women’s rights activism, she collaborated with various organizations addressing women’s issues. Literature remains her passion, and despite rumors surrounding her personal life, Kaynette has vehemently denied them.

10. Finding Love Again

In 2015, Kaynette found love again with Cody Joe Scheck, a rodeo champion seven years her junior. Introduced by a mutual friend, the couple now resides in Kansas, relishing a serene life away from the public eye.


Kaynette Williams, once entwined in the narrative of Blake Shelton’s life, has crafted her own tale of resilience, growth, and love. From the highs of a whirlwind romance to the lows of a publicized divorce, Kaynette’s journey exemplifies the strength to redefine oneself beyond the shadows of fame. Today, as she enjoys a peaceful existence in Kansas, her story serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit within.


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