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Lauren Buglioli: Exploring Her Impact and Achievements

Lauren Buglioli

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Lauren Buglioli, a name synonymous with versatility, passion, and advocacy, is more than just a talented actress. With a degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, Lauren’s journey extends beyond the silver screen. In this article, we delve into the various facets of Lauren’s life, from her early days in Los Angeles to her current roles in the entertainment industry and her impactful contributions to causes she holds dear.

From Auditions to Education

Early Beginnings

Born in Los Angeles, Lauren’s journey into acting began at a young age, auditioning for commercials under the guidance of her mother. The seed of passion planted in her early years continued to blossom as she worked professionally throughout middle and high school.

Mentorship and Joy in Artistry

A pivotal influence in Lauren’s life was her mentor, Buck Herron, who emphasized finding joy in the artistic process. This philosophy became a guiding light, especially in an industry where auditions and preparation consume a significant portion of an actor’s time.

Balancing Passions

Despite her flourishing acting career, Lauren’s interests extend far beyond the glitz of Hollywood. An accomplished equestrian, she also holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. This unique blend of skills allows her to make a difference not only on the screen but also in the lives of children she coaches and teaches.

A Jazzman’s Blues: A Passion Project

Lauren recently played Margaret in the film “A Jazzman’s Blues,” a character whose views diverge significantly from her own. The film, a beautiful and heartbreaking love story written by Mr. Perry 27 years ago, served as a passion project for the entire cast and crew. Lauren reflects on the honor of contributing to this poignant narrative.

Body Positivity Advocacy

Personal Struggles and Industry Pressures

One of Lauren’s most significant roles extends beyond acting — she is a vocal advocate for body positivity and self-love. After facing unrealistic body expectations early in her career, she took a hiatus to prioritize her well-being. Lauren’s journey towards self-acceptance has made her a powerful voice against the harmful standards imposed by the entertainment industry.

Industry Evolution and Social Media

Reflecting on her years in the entertainment industry, Lauren acknowledges positive changes in terms of diversity and inclusivity. However, the rise of social media poses challenges, with digitally distorted images perpetuating unrealistic ideals. Lauren emphasizes the importance of representing all body types on screen and fostering body neutrality.

The Path to Self-Acceptance

Embracing Imperfection

Lauren’s journey towards self-acceptance is ongoing, marked by moments of self-doubt and comparison. However, she recognizes that healing isn’t linear and advocates for making gratitude, love, and self-acceptance foundational. Writing, meditation, and uplifting podcasts are tools she uses to navigate challenging moments.

Advice for Others

Lauren’s advice to those struggling with societal expectations is rooted in kindness. She encourages individuals to challenge negative self-talk and emphasizes the gradual development of self-love. Quoting Alex Elle, she reinforces the idea that self-love is a daily practice without judgment.

Advocacy Beyond Acting

Gigi’s Playhouse

While not currently teaching at Gigi’s Playhouse, Lauren remains committed to spreading awareness about the organization. With a loved one having Down Syndrome, Lauren emphasizes the importance of community and support for families of children with special needs.

Heart Gallery

Lauren’s involvement with Heart Gallery, an organization highlighting portraits of special needs and older foster children, reflects her commitment to making a difference. By fundraising and spreading awareness, she contributes to improving the lives of children in foster care.

Staying Positive Amidst Challenges

In the midst of the chaos of recent years, Lauren maintains a positive outlook by celebrating both large and small victories. She adopted two dogs, Vixen and Beverly Hills Cop II, adding joy and companionship to her life.

Life Motto

Lauren’s life is guided by various mottos, reflecting her philosophy of embracing life’s journey. From “Take the best leave the rest” to “Nothing is worth more than this day,” her collection of quotes serves as a source of inspiration.


In Lauren Buglioli, we find a multi-talented individual whose impact extends far beyond the entertainment industry. From acting to education, advocacy for body positivity, and meaningful contributions to organizations like Gigi’s Playhouse and Heart Gallery, Lauren Buglioli stands as a beacon of positivity and change. Her journey is not just a story of success in the limelight but a testament to the power of self-love, resilience, and the pursuit of making a difference in the lives of others.


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