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Mirro Shaz Shrine: A Comprehensive Guide in Breath of the Wild

Mirro Shaz Shrine

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Discovering Mirro Shaz Shrine’s Location

Mirro Shaz Shrine, nestled within the enchanting Woodland Tower area of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW), is a captivating puzzle-filled haven waiting to be explored. In this comprehensive guide, we will not only assist you in pinpointing the Mirro Shaz shrine location but also unravel the intricate Tempered Power stasis puzzle within, leading you to coveted rewards.

Mirro Shaz Shrine Map Location

Venture into the northern realms of Hyrule, specifically within the Woodland Tower region, to uncover the elusive Mirro Shaz Shrine. If you’re near the Woodland Stable, cast your gaze across the adjacent Pico Pond to spot the shrine. For those unfamiliar with the stable’s location, a swift trip to Woodland Tower followed by a southward paraglide will bring you to your destination. If stamina permits, a single glide is all it takes to reach this hidden gem.

Decoding the Mirro Shaz Shrine Solution

As you step into the shrine, a series of puzzles and challenges await. Fear not, for we shall guide you through each step, ensuring you leave with both chest and spirit orb in hand.

1. The Elevator Descent

Embark on your journey by moving forward and navigating the balcony until you encounter an elevator. Allow it to gracefully transport you to the lower floor of the shrine.

2. Orb, Crystal, and a Chest

Once on the lower floor, proceed forward to discover an orb on a pedestal, accompanied by a crystal on the right and a tempting treasure chest on the left. Open the chest to unveil the coveted Iron Sledgehammer.

3. Harnessing the Power of Stasis

Position yourself directly in front of the orb, facing a scenic water expanse, and employ the stasis rune. With the orb frozen in place, strike it five times with your trusty sledgehammer, propelling it over the water.

4. Building Bridges and Ascending Ledges

Navigate through the subsequent challenges, utilizing stasis on a square block and launching it upwards. This action will create a bridge, facilitating your ascent to higher ledges where Mirro Shaz awaits.

5. Mirro Shaz’s Enclave

Before meeting Mirro Shaz, explore the hidden hallway to the left of his walled area, leading to another elevator. Descend to a concealed chamber, opening a chest to acquire another Iron Sledgehammer.

6. Unleashing the Rune’s Power Again

Return to the main area, squarely facing a metal orb overlooking a distant platform across the water. Activate stasis on the metal orb and, with precise timing, strike it five times with the Iron Sledgehammer. Swiftly switch to a single-handed weapon, delivering one final blow before the rune’s power dissipates.

7. The Gate to Riches

Mastering this challenge unlocks a gate to your left, granting access to a chest containing the prized Giant Ancient Core. With your bounty secured, retrace your steps to the exit area, where Mirro Shaz awaits to bestow upon you a well-earned spirit orb.

In conclusion, Mirro Shaz Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not just a physical location but a journey of wit, strategy, and triumph. May this guide serve as your trusted companion as you navigate the shrine’s intricacies and emerge victorious, chest and spirit orb in tow.


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