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Stacie Zabka and William: A Hollywood Love Story

Stacie Zabka

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Meet Stacie Zabka, the devoted wife of the renowned American actor William Zabka, celebrated for his iconic portrayal of Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid series and Cobra Kai. In 2008, Stacie and William exchanged vows, embarking on a journey filled with joy and marked by the presence of their two delightful sons. Let’s delve into the life of Stacie Zabka, a woman who adds a touch of grace to the Hollywood glitz.

A Glimpse into Stacie Zabka’s Life

Stacie Zabka, born on May 17, is a California native, previously known as Stacie Lynn Doss before tying the knot with William. While details about her family and educational background are scarce, her eloquence hints at a solid educational foundation. Stacie is a professional businesswoman, balancing her life alongside her husband’s thriving career in the entertainment industry.

The Love Story

Love knows no geographical bounds, as proven by the transcontinental love story of Stacie and William. While William, a native of the East Coast, had already gained recognition for his role in The Karate Kid, Stacie, born in 1974, hailed from the West Coast. Their love story began in the early 2000s, and after a period of dating, they sealed their commitment in a beautiful wedding on June 29, 2008, in St. Louis, Missouri.

A Low-Key Life with High-Key Support

Stacie Zabka and William have made Los Angeles their home, preferring a low-profile life despite William’s Hollywood fame. However, they occasionally grace the red carpet together, making stylish appearances at significant events. One notable moment was at the Los Angeles premiere of Hot Tub Time Machine in March 2020, showcasing their impeccable style and mutual support.

In 2018, the couple attended the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of Cobra Kai, a series that revitalized William’s career. Stacie’s fashion choices consistently complement William’s, illustrating not only their bond but also their shared sense of style.

The Zabka Family

Stacie and William Zabka are fiercely protective of their privacy, especially when it comes to their two children, whose names and genders remain undisclosed. Based on a podcast interview with William, it is estimated that their children are around 12 and 7 years old in 2021.

Despite being on the sets of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, the Zabka children have not expressed an immediate interest in watching their father’s famous roles. William, who portrayed antagonists in these productions, believes in waiting until they are mature enough to understand the distinction between fiction and reality.

Fatherhood has brought unexpected lessons for William, proving to be a rewarding journey for both him and Stacie. In an industry where relationships often face challenges, the Zabka family stands as a beacon of enduring love, support, and privacy in the spotlight.


Stacie Zabka, with her grace, intelligence, and unwavering support, plays an integral role in the enduring love story that she shares with Hollywood icon William Zabka. Their journey continues to inspire, showcasing a beautiful blend of love, family, and a shared commitment to navigating the challenges of fame while keeping their private life sacred.


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