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Teslafi Unleashed: A Comprehensive Guide and Review


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In the dynamic world of Tesla apps, where competitors like Teslamate, Tezlab, and Tessie have emerged, Teslafi stands as a stalwart, leaving Tesla owners pondering its continued supremacy. This article aims to provide an unbiased review of Teslafi, covering its features, cost, and a comparison with its counterparts.

What is Teslafi and How Does It Work?

At its core, Teslafi is a data aggregator tailored for Tesla owners. It acts as a comprehensive journal for your Tesla, meticulously logging and organizing data points provided by your car. Whether you seek information on your children’s driving habits, business mileage, or need evidence for legal purposes, Teslafi has your data covered.

Warning: Is Granting Access to Teslafi Safe?

Before delving into Teslafi’s features, a critical question arises regarding the safety of granting access to the app. Tesla owners must log into Teslafi’s website to allow access to their car’s data. The process involves obtaining an API token without compromising login details. While generally safe, changes in Tesla’s API may temporarily disrupt third-party services like Teslafi.

Teslafi App Features Walkthrough

While Teslafi’s user interface might not win any design awards, its features are widely acclaimed as the best in the market. Let’s explore the key features that make Teslafi stand out:

1. Main Dashboard & Primary Data Points

Upon syncing your Tesla with Teslafi, the main dashboard displays crucial data points such as idling time, door status, rated range, estimated range, temperatures, and miles driven. A detailed timeline below provides a comprehensive overview of driving, charging, sleeping, and idling sessions.

2. Automating Your Tesla Life

Teslafi’s command scheduling feature allows users to automate tasks like locking doors, reminders for plugging in, and even flashing lights. This time-saving functionality distinguishes Teslafi from other apps.

3. Know Your Miles (And Your Gas Savings) in Extreme Detail

With Teslafi, users can calculate the cost of each drive by inputting electricity rates and miles-per-gallon references. This feature offers detailed insights into gas savings and overall cost analysis.

4. Detailed Charging Sessions

Teslafi provides a thorough summary of each charging session, including efficiency, total time, location, and more. Users can also view high-level charging data, making it easy to answer queries about charging costs.

5. How’s Your Battery Holding Up?

It offers a quick glimpse into battery health by tracking estimated range over time, providing valuable insights into degradation and performance.

6. See Your Recent Data at a Glance

The app maps out each drive on a calendar, allowing users to quickly review recent charging and driving data. This feature can be particularly useful for monitoring the driving habits of family members.

7. Leaderboards & Gamification

Teslafi taps into the competitive nature of Tesla owners by providing leaderboards that aggregate data into rankings. Users can compete for the longest drives, creating a sense of challenge and achievement.

The Competitive Edge of Teslafi App Over Its Competitors

Two key factors contribute to Teslafi’s long-standing leadership in the market: continuous feature updates and its establishment since 2016. Users appreciate the responsiveness of the developers and the app’s longevity, making it a reliable choice in the competitive landscape.

Teslafi Referral Code & Pricing

As of the latest information, It costs $5 per month or $50 per year when billed upfront. Users can sign up for a 14-day free trial to assess the app’s value before committing to a subscription. Referral codes, such as “Undecided,” can extend the trial to 30 days.

Third-Party Teslafi Reviews: What Others Have to Say

Notable reviews from Mother Frunker and Matt Ferrell from Undecided offer comprehensive insights into its capabilities and user experience. These reviews help prospective users understand the app’s functionality and limitations.

Best Alternatives to Teslafi

Several alternatives to Teslafi have emerged, each with its unique features and considerations. A brief comparison with Tezlab, Stats for Tesla, TeslaMate, TM-Spy, and Tessie provides users with options that suit their preferences and requirements.

Final Thoughts

Despite its subpar interface, Teslafi remains the market leader in third-party data aggregation for Tesla owners. The app’s longevity, continuous feature updates, and robust functionality make it a preferred choice. Prospective users are encouraged to take advantage of the 30-day free trial to explore Teslafi’s capabilities and decide whether it aligns with their needs.


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